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The Best Vegan Books: Inspiring, Motivating, and Life-Changing

Within the past ten years, the number of vegan books has exploded. Not a week goes by where a new veg-friendly book isn't reviewed in the NY Times, on a famous talk show, or by a blogger.

We now have so much selection with cookbooks as well as books on the ethical reasons to be vegan, whereas even a few years ago veganism was barely acceptable. It's amazing and exciting!

In your quest to find the best veg-friendly books, you should check out both vegan cookbooks and some general vegan diet books, such as The China Study and Skinny Bitch.

The Best Vegan Cookbooks

Vegan cookbooks are exploding on the market. Every time I turn around, a new and exciting cookbook is hitting the shelves, and I've tried most of the most popular ones, as well as a few smaller cookbooks. We have several favorites, so check out the updated version of our top favorite vegan cookbooks.

vegan books

Best Cookbooks List #1

Joy of Vegan Baking
An excellent remake of the classic baking book

Vegan Planet
A huge anthem of international vegan recipes

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
THE book on baking vegan cupcakes from the highest selling vegan cookbook author

Packed with elegant and impressive vegan recipes

Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan
Including the best vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world

Chloe's Kitchen
A beautiful, full color guide to simple, clean vegan recipes

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook
Fun and witty from the Executive Chef of LA's Vegin' Out, perfect for "the ordinary guy"

Best Vegan Cookbooks List #2

Vegan Table
Tons of easy, delicious vegan recipes ranked according to seasons

The Kind Diet
From Alicia Silverstone, and including three stages of going vegan

Vegan Soul Kitchen
Terry Bryant's guide to Southern, soul food style vegan cooking

Vegan Brunch
Craving omelettes, eggs benedict, or perfect buttermilk pancakes?

Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar
Hundreds of vegan cookies, including an Oreos and Samoas remake

Vegan Lunch Box
Packing cute, nutritious vegan lunches the "normal" kids will covet

Vegan Tropical Kitchen
Caribbean style vegan cooking

The Vegan Scoop
Vegan ice cream recipes from a restaurant

Best Vegan Cookbooks List #3

Viva Vegan

Latin American vegan recipes

Party Vegan

How to entertain like a vegan

Vegan on the Cheap
Excellent for new college grads and families on a budget

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook
Recipes to lose weight in a healthy way with a new diet and lifestyle

Persuasive and Inspiring Vegan Books

When I was a new vegan, I read and researched as much as possible, so I'd have a firm grasp on veganism. I wanted to know all the data on the abuse of animals on factory farms, the health benefits of being a vegan, and the impact of the animal industry on the environment. These vegan books are the best at explaining the details.

Best Vegan Books for Beginners

Skinny Bitch
Like listening to your irreverent but honest best friend

The China Study
One of the first vegan books I recommend to people considering dropping the meat

101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian
The book that made me change from vegetarian to vegan

Animal Liberation
One of the original philosophers to discuss the implications of humans eating other beings

Omnivore's Dilemma
A popular take on the differences in our food system today

Food for Life
A discussion of how changing to a plant-based diet improves your health

Best Vegan Books for Continued Growth and Learning

World Peace Diet
What does eating vegan do for the the environment and other humans?

The Mad Cowboy
A former cattle rancher's views on the food industry, why he is vegan

White Wash
Does milk really do a body good?

The Sexual Politics of Meat
Why we always see busty women and men in overalls on thick burger commercials

Main Street Vegan

Victoria Moran teaches that no matter where you live or who you are, you can be a vegan

Eat and Run

Scott Jurek's memoir on ultramarathon running and eating vegan

I am an affiliate for Amazon so if you click through any of these links and decide to buy a book on veganism, I will get a small commission. I only recommend books that give me true inspiration and I use this money to help support our family, so I really appreciate it!

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