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The Simple Art of Vegan Cake Recipes

One of the biggest concerns of non-vegans and those considering the lifestyle is the worry that they’ll never again have a flavorful, decadent, out-of-this-world, to-die-for cake again. Believe it or not, that should be the least of your worries.

Not only is there an abundant supply of vegan cake recipes on the internet and in vegan cookbooks, but you can often take your old tried and true favorite recipes and veganize them.

There are very few traditional recipes that can't be made vegan with a simple swapping of ingredients, and so why not?

If it is easy, tastes the same, and allows you to eat no cholesterol and doesn't harm any animals, why wouldn't you want to make vegan cake recipes?

I've included a few of my best vegan baking tips below.

My Favorite Vegan Cake Recipes

My Best Vegan Baking Tips

1. First, replace the eggs.

Traditionally, eggs are used to help the cakes and cookies become fluffy and light, just thick enough, and to stick together.

Those of us who grew up in kitchens with mothers who love to bake still carry some fascination for the laws of physics and how we don’t actually need an egg in our baked goods to make them come out right. It’s true though.

Learn here about my favorite egg substitutes.

2. Using plant-based milks instead of cow's milk.

You do have some room to play around here because there are just so many vegan milk options nowadays. Check out our more in depth page about the virtues of the milk substitutes.

Hint: My special trick for making vegan cupcakes and cakes truly decadent is to use coconut milk. It makes the cake incredibly moist and surprisingly moist.

3. Replacing the butter.

Quite simply, you just need to find a good butter substitute made with vegetable oil rather than cow’s milk.

There are a few brands of non-hydrogenated non-dairy butter substitutes on the market, which will be better for your health than typical hydrogenated butters. Earth Balance brand is most people's favorite butter substitute, and it can be used one-for-one in place of regular butter.

Canola oil is another oil option, but you will want to use less than the amount of butter called for in a recipe. For a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup butter, use 1/3 cup canola oil.

And, if you’re looking to reduce your added fats intake, try applesauce or prune juice as a substitute. To do this, puree prunes (1/2 cup) with water (1/4 cup) and use the same measurements as with canola oil.

4. Vegan baking with unrefined sweeteners

Many sugars are processed with bone char from factory-farmed animals. Nothing goes to waste. You can avoid using those sugars by looking for the vegan label, and by using unrefined vegan sugars.

Personally, I find that white sugar gives me a headache and makes me feel drowsy and icky all day, whereas less refined sugars work better with my body. I love the taste of vegan chocolate cake made with a nice agave syrup rather than regular sugar.

However, it certainly isn’t necessary to use unrefined sugars. Most dessert recipes are designed with white sugar in mind, so it’s often much easier to simply use a good vegan sugar.

I have a huge collection of vegan cookbooks, and a few are dessert heaven. To check out my longer reviews of these cookbooks, click here.

My favorite cookbooks for vegan cake recipes:

Enjoy and take the time to read and share your favorite vegan cake recipes below.

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