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Vegan Candies on Halloween

by Megan
(Plano, TX)

I do the easiest thing and just pick up packs of candy that are naturally vegan. My favorites are the mini packs of Skittles, Dots, Swedish Fish, Now and Laters, and Blow Pops. That way, what I hand out to kids who knock on our doors is animal-free.

When my kids come home, we do swaps for anything that isn't vegan and I use the leftover candy from our bowls to trade them. They're happy knowing they aren't hurting any animals, and they don't have to feel embarassed by telling people at the door that they don't want that type of candy. Then I take all the non-vegan candy to my office to share the next day. It's a win-win for all of us.

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Vegan Candies on Halloween
by: Anonymous

Good going on that one! That's a great method of keeping your kids vegan. I think I'd just donate the other candies to a church-Though, giving them to coworkers is just fine (prevents them from giving more money to the animal food industry). However, I like to treat my co-workers to vegan fare whenever possible. Halloween candies have always been a special treat to me. Candy corn in particular.

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