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Vegan Cheese Recipes, 
Introduction and Videos

Welcome to the Vegan Cheese Videos made especially for the owners of Cut the Cheese: Quit the Cheese Addiction and Transform Your Life. As a bonus for your purchase, I put together a few videos that I hope will guide you along your way.

Introduction to My Favorite Vegan Cheese

In my introduction video, I talk about a few of my favorite vegan cheese options that you can buy in stores or on the internet. My favorite store to order from online is Vegan Essentials. The owners are extraordinary, friendly, and helpful, and they have almost everything under the vegan sun you could want, including some great vegan cheese options.

I talk about Tings (like Cheetos), EcoPlanet cheese crackers (like Cheezits), NachoMama's nacho cheese sauce, Dr Cow gourmet cheeses, nutritional yeast, and a few other favorites.

Cooking Old-Fashioned Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

I also made a video of me cooking my Old-Fashioned Vegan Macaroni and Cheese. It requires that you make a roux, but don't be afraid, it's really simple. A roux is just a mixture of an oil and flour, and it's cooked until the flour flavor goes away. The roux is key because it will allow the cheese sauce to thicken and give you that gooey, sticky mac-n-cheese sauce you love.

Making Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Making vegan grilled cheese sandwiches can be as easy as slathering vegan cheese on bread and toasting it, but this is a special recipe. At the end you come out with melty cheese oozing out of the edges of perfectly grilled bread, and with a touch of something extra.

A Vegan Wine and Cheese Tasting

And, to finish up, my husband and I had a little wine and cheese tasting with Dr Cow cheese. Dr Cow makes fantastic nut cheeses that have been aged with acidophilus, so they are quite authentic in their sharp, cheesy flavor. We mixed it up with a nice malbec, and fruit and crackers. You could have an amazing, fancy, gourmet cheese tasting party with your friends with some Dr Cow cheese.

I hope you enjoy these vegan cheese recipe videos from Cut the Cheese: Quit the Cheese Addiction and Transform Your Life. 

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