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Vegan Chik'n Quesadilla

by Eco-Vegan Gal
(Los Angeles)

Quesadilla with Daiya cheese

Quesadilla with Daiya cheese


- Vegan cheese (preferably Daiya)
- Tortilla (preferably whole wheat)
- MorningStar Meal Starters Chik'n Strips
- Optional: Earth Balance for frying pan

1. Heat up the Chik'n Strips. It is advised to do it in a frying pan, but you can put them in the microwave for 30 seconds on a plate.
2. Place one tortilla on a plate
3. Sprinkle the tortilla with a thin layer of vegan cheese
4. Put the Chik'n Strips on top of the vegan cheese
5. Cover with another tortilla
6. Heat until vegan cheese has melted. It is advised to do this in a frying pan (you can use Earth Balance as oil), but it works almost as well in the microwave.
7. Cut, serve, and enjoy!

Recipe by Whitney from www.ecovegangal.com

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Aug 02, 2009
kinda boring
by: Anonymous

It needs like veggies or something

Jul 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

this was good. not very hard to make so that was a plus

Jul 20, 2009
Meat free Monday
by: Anonymous

Dear friend,

At the moment we're try to get the government in Taiwan to organise an official meat free Monday nationwide.
It's for this reason that we've set up a petition, we need as many people to sign it as possible.
Could you please sign and spread this petition to as many people as possible. Here's the link


Any help would be great.

Yours sincerely


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