Creative Ideas for
Vegan Christmas Presents

Whether you're shopping months in advance for your vegan Christmas presents or you're a last minute blast-into-the-mall type shopper, these ideas will help you.

It seems like there's always some new vegan invention coming out to make all of our lives easier, whether it's couture shoes, vegan marshmallows, or vegan cheese that really melts, our world is advancing, and it's exciting.

Use the holiday spirit to come up with the perfect presents for your loved ones.

Ideas for Vegan Fashionistas

  • A cute Camera Bag

  • Bungalow360

    makes really cute bags and wallets with modern animal prints on them

  • Any one of the gorgeous Matt & Nat

    line of bags

  • Jambu

    has a great selection of vegan shoes. The pair I have for hiking is the most comfortable shoe I own.

Gifts for Cooks

  • Vegan Pie in the Sky

    is Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero's latest vegan cookbook on desserts, and it's wonderful

  • Nava Atlas's Vegan Holiday Kitchen

    gives you both the holiday spirit and the cooking, in one

  • Or, a gourmet vegan cookbook like Candle 79 Cookbook

    for the more advanced cook

Gifts for the Activist in Your Life

Sporty, Outdoor Gifts

  • Saucony


  • Written by Brandon Brazier, Thrive

    walks you through how to be a high-performing vegan athlete

  • Vega

    is a line of nutrition-packed supplements for plant-based protein

Toiletries and More

  • Booda

    makes awesome lip balms

  • AAA Shea Butter Company

    has more shea-based toiletries

  • Urban Decay

    has a vegan makeup line with fun colors

    When you're shopping for vegan Christmas presents for a vegan in your life, check out our page on vegan clothes to find out what animal products are commonly in clothing, bags, and shoes.

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