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The All-Time Best Vegan Cookies

Once upon a time, vegans had to settle for vegan cookies and other baked goods that were less than impressive. There's a reason vegan desserts have a reputation for tasting like cardboard-- honestly, they kind of did. We ate them in defiance and to prove that we didn't need animal products, but we did eyeball the frosted, sprinkled, perfectly soft or crunchy cookies that our non-vegan friends ate in front of us.

That's all in the past. If you're a new vegan, you will never deal with this problem. People will ask you if your cookies have any flavor and you'll be puzzled why they would ask.

Any flavor or texture cookie you could want, you can have without the eggs, milk, butter, or animal ingredients, and it's quite a liberating feeling.

If you want to learn how to make your own delicious cookies, check out this page for free vegan cookie recipes, or get your own copy of my vegan cookie recipe ebook. It's designed for Christmas cookies but they taste good all year round!

My Favorite Vegan Cookies

vegan cookies

Alternative Baking Company has a line of delectable, decadent vegan cookies. We love the flavor of the explosive espresso chip, the soft texture of luscious lemon poppyseed, the richness of double chocolate decadence cookie, the classic colossal chocolate chip, and the aromatic phenomenal pumpkin spice. They have several other flavors and usually showcase some seasonal cookies that are delicious as well.

Whoever this Liz Lovely is, I love her, and her insanely good vegan cookies. I adore her Cowboy and Cowgirl cookies, which are oatmeal walnut and chocolate chip cookies (respectively) and have a layer of chocolate on the bottom and decorative strips across the top. Her ginger snapdragons are awesome too, and feature a soft molasses cookie with crystallized ginger on top. Liz Lovely also makes gluten-free cookies, and you can find them on Amazon or Vegan Essentials.

I love Sun Flour's cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies. I'm always trying to make something similar at home and haven't yet mastered it. They have such great flavor and softness that I find them irresistable. I really enjoy their chocolate cookies as well. They have a great assorted pack to give as a gift or keep at home to distribute for snacks.

Back To Nature vegan cookies in chocolate chunk make me want to "betcha bite a chip." They have that crisp texture with soft chocolate chips that reminds me of what the Keebler elves could put together. You can buy that flavor and others on Amazon in bulk and save a bit of money.

Newman's Own has quite a few different types of vegan cookies, and many of them are made with organic ingredients and some have whole grain flours. They make a really nice, crisp Oreo style cookie, and one that has mint flavored filling which is a big hit at our house.

Nana's has an excellent selection of homestyle favorites and fun new flavors including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sunflower, coconut chip, double chocolate, peanut butter, cranberry orange, ginger, lemon, banana bars, and wheat-free chocolate chip. They use fruit juice to sweeten, no chemicals, no genetically modified ingredients, no refined sugars, and many of their cookies are made gluten-free.

Uncle Eddies makes tasty little cookie balls in a variety of flavors like molasses, cocoa spice, chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, trail mix, and peanut butter chocolate chip. They are soft baked and dense. Dieters beware though, they are high in fat and calories.

Glenn Foods Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats taste like a slightly healthier version of the old school rice crispy treats. They are a little browner and a little less sweet, but they have the same great texture of crunchy stickiness. Sweetened with brown rice syrup, they can be considered healthier that our old favorite treat.

I'm shocked and amazed at how Amazon has expanded their options for vegan products over the past few years. My very favorite brands of vegan desserts are now available, and often with free shipping, and there are tons of other options I've never even tried like a vegan Raweo, Nutridel vegan oatmeal cookie, and lots of raw cookies. Yum! 

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