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Vegan Diet Lowered My Cholesterol

by Sabrina

Hi, I am 54 years old and have been following the vegan diet since August, 2011. I am skinny and didn't need to lose weight; I was just interested in the health benefits of a vegan diet and wanted to see if my cholesterol scores would improve. My cholesterol has been over 200 for several years now. I just got tested and my scores improved greatly!

Last year's cholesterol was 222 and now it's 190. My LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 146 to 106. I was very surprised that the B12 is above normal. I take a supplement but not regularly. After 4 months on the vegan diet I am very pleased with these numbers.

I am skinny, so I do worry about keeping my weight up. I was hoping my facial skin would improve but that hasn't happened yet. I do feel a little more energetic.

I will continue with the diet and hopefully continue to feel better and better!

Editor's Note:

Congratulations, Sabrina, on being proactive and making a change in your lifestyle to help your health. It sometimes seems pretty miraculous that it's possible to make such large changes in your health numbers by just removing a few things from your diet.

As far as maintaining your weight, I just recommend that you keep adding healthy fats into your diet. You can find good fat in avocados, olives, good unrefined oils, nuts, and seeds. You only need a little bit, and you might not even have to worry about trying to keep the weight on.

And for skin, I know how frustrating that situation can be. One thing I found was that when I went vegan, I wasn't eating enough omega-3 fatty acids. As soon as I added flax seeds into my diet, my skin vastly improved.

I hope you will share the results of your success in reducing your cholesterol with anyone who is struggling with the same issues. Most people never hear from their doctor that the easiest way to drop the LDL cholesterol levels is to drop animal products out of their diets. The doctors might tell them to cut the fat off their meat, or stick to chicken and fish instead of "red" meat, but that just doesn't work. Long lasting health comes from a plant-based diet.

I wish you great success and also hope you keep feeling better and better!

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