Vegan Diets that Work:
Lifelong Lifestyle Improvement

How did going vegan change your life?

Are you exploring the idea of vegan diets to change your life? If so, I really hope you'll give it a try. Every day I hear about another person who regained control of their life by simply choosing to eat real, whole foods, and skip on processed, salty, sugary, cheesy, and meaty foods.

I know of many people who are looking for a low fat vegan weight loss diet at first, and they want information on the best vegan books, what it means to be a vegan, and clarification on the common misconceptions.

Not only does a low fat vegan diet help prevent and reverse heart disease, prevent cancers, help regulate hormone imbalances, and help with a variety of other diseases, but it also helps people besides you.

Once you've decided to change your diet, what do you do next? First, you might want to decide exactly "how vegan" you want to be, whether now or in the future. You can learn about what exactly is a vegan to understand the distinction between the philosophies on eating.

Other people take the diet a step further and go for a raw vegan diet, also called a living foods diet. Essentially, the idea is to only eat uncooked foods or foods that are heated at a very low temperature. I eat a good proportion of my diet in the form of raw fruits and vegetables and nuts/seeds, and I enjoy exploring all the fun raw vegan recipes that have emerged with the excitement of this new vegan diet.

Raw fruits and vegetables make up a good proportion of healthy vegan diets.

I think raw diets are amazing for people who live in tropical environments and who need the cooling energy of fruits and vegetables to balance their systems.

Rather than being the vegan police, I'd rather have an imperfect vegan who doesn't feel judged than someone who feels like they either have to go all the way or not at all. If you decide to stop eating meat for one meal, or one day, or one month, you are making a difference in the world, and that's something to be proud of.

I am not a huge believer in "diets," as we traditionally think of them, as in, "tomorrow I'm going to go on a diet," while you're eating a bunch of junk. You can read about my no-plan vegan weight loss diet here, including my five best tips for a healthy plant based diet.

If you specifically need help with vegan weight loss, this page will give you some guidance as well as real stories of real people changing their lives with a new diet.

Farmers market vegetables make for well balanced vegan diets.

So many people suffer from illnesses that could be prevented by eating a more healthful diet and taking better care of our bodies. When we do get sick, we don't have to assume that the only way to get well again is to take medicine. 

Do Vegan Diets Work?
and How to Start Them

Choosing a strict vegeterian diet will be different for everyone. For some people it's as easy as one day eating meat and the next day not eating it anymore. For others, it's a long process that starts with cutting out a few things from their diet, trying meatless days, and gradually cuts out the rest.

I've heard of many people having success with 30 day vegan diets, where people commit themselves to a month of no animal products. I really like this approach because rather than immediately making the daunting decision to go vegan forever, you can make a decision to do it and have an out after a month.

Some people tell me they'd love to go vegan, if only they knew what to buy. I put together my five best tips for healthy food shopping to help solve the problem of grocery shopping in a healthy way.

The first few days are always the hardest and you might feel tempted to stop everything. If you remind yourself that you can do anything for a month, you'll see that it's easier every day. A month is just long enough to see noticeable changes in your body, your energy, your skin, hair, and nails, and even your blood cholesterol levels, and that allows you to rethink if you even want to eat animal products again.

It's much easier to commit to four weeks than to tell yourself "I will never eat _____meat/fish/cheese/ice cream______ again."

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One problem some people do have when they switch to a diet that's full of fiber is that their digestive system starts working overtime, clearing out all the bad and adjusting to the good new. If you are looking for natural gas remedies, we've got a great list for you.

We have a few free vegan menus to help get you started, and if you want a serious push, you could check out our Vegan Meal Plans ebooks. The first vegan meal plan is dedicated to fruits and vegetables that are commonly available in the fall and winter, and the second vegan meal plan uses the amazing spring and summer produce.

For more ideas on what to cook, check out our page for vegan recipes.

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