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Are Vegan Earth Shoes
The Most Comfortable Shoes on Earth?

If you're looking for eco friendly footwear, vegan Earth shoes are the way to go. They're designed with 70% recycled materials, they have a vegan shoes line, and they are built to help tone and strengthen your body.

Vegan Earth Shoes have a special heel technology in which the sole is inclined slight so your toes are higher than your heels. Earth Footwear says that this helps to tone your body and burn calories.

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Earth Footwear is made with special foam cushions that mold to the shape of your foot, which helps to absorb the shock of impact with the ground. They have excellent arch support and are great eco friendly shoes since 70% of their material was recycled. Most of the reviews of the shoes say that they helped people to improve their posture, some say the shoes reduced their back pain, and almost all say they're comfortable.

Evidently just wearing vegan Earth shoes can help you lose weight, too!

According to Earth footwear's website, a study found that people who ate a healthy diet, walked 10,000 steps each day, and wore Earth shoes decreased their body fat percentage by four times as much as someone following the same diet and exercise and wearing different shoes. The women wearing Earth shoes also increased their endurance and their body mass index decreased over the study period. The study was only done on 31 females, so the results are a bit subjective, but it's still an interesting concept.

Earth shoes are more expensive than regular walking shoes, but they're worth it because the quality materials will last you much longer. The faux leather in the vegan shoe line has a texture like real leather, and it doesn't peel off or fall apart like a lot of plastic-based leathers.

I personally find several of the Earth shoe styles to be somewhat ugly, but because the comfort factor is so high, it's worth investing in them. They do have cute styles, and if you play around with the colors and textures, you can find cute ones in the bunch.

Make sure that when you search, you input the word, "vegan" because Earth Footwear does make some shoes with a leather upper. On their homepage you can even look strictly under the vegan tab. If you're looking for good vegan hiking boots, you can't beat some of the selection that Earth footwear makes.

The best prices I found were at Amazon, and they have a pretty large selection of vegan Earth shoes. You can search for a pair by entering "vegan earth shoes"

or "earth vegan shoes"

into their search bar.

You can also find Earth shoes on Planet Shoes, Zappos, Overstock, and in some department stores.

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