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Vegan for Good Health

by Kay

Vegan for Good Health

I became a vegan three months ago to balance my hormones and to lose weight. I am not sure how long I will stay a "dietary vegan" but, so far, so good. I do miss using cheese and an occasional piece of chicken. My hormones seemed to have balanced out and I have lost 18.5 pounds in three months. My family and some of my co-workers have noticed the weight loss and say that my skin looks healthier. This is the original way that God intended for humans to eat after all. (Book of Genesis)

Editor's Note:
Congratulations to you for going vegan for good health. It sounds like you've lost a healthy amount of weight; spanning three months and not just dropping it immediately. Many people do say that when they go vegan they notice their skin looks healthier, and overall, they tend to feel more energetic.

Keep it up! It can be hard to get rid of cheese in your diet; if you're subscribed to our newsletter you probably just read the article I did about how cheese has opiates like morphine in it, which is why we tend to have a hard time giving it up. If you just keep eating good vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans, you will continue to feel better and better.


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I've gone vegan to save my life
by: Johnnie

I have gone vegan to save my life. I had toyed with the idea for a number of years. In the last year my health started to deteriorate and digestion became increasingly difficult. Every time I would eat the usual (steaks, roast, chicken, etc., I would suffer pain, intestinal spasms, bloating and severe gastric distress. No medicine could help. Thus the decision to give it all up and go vegan.

The transformation has been fairly easy. I don't miss the animal products. I consume hugh amounts of vegetables, as I am hungry all the time. I take a multi-vitamin and B12 supplements daily. My digestion has improved and I feel that I may live a long, healthy life by changing my eating lifestyle. The thought of animal flesh and/or products makes me nauseated and I am glad the decision to go vegan was made for me by my body. I would not go back. I feel good, look good and have actually lost 12 lbs at this time. YEAH VEGAN!!!

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