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Vegan Halloween Bash

by Susan Kline
(Troy, MI)

Vegan Halloween Bash

Vegan Halloween Bash

Every year I host a Vegan Halloween Bash. It's a vegan potluck where we all come in costume. I make sugar-cookie cutouts and decorate them (bats, ghosts, pumpkins) and also make up give away bags with vegan treats in to take home (e.g. small bags of store-bought kettle corn, animal crackers, Twizzlers, Mary Janes and small pretzel twists.)

Tucked inside this little bag of give aways, I put the Elvira sheet of vegan candy (from PETA) appropriate to give out to trick or treaters. Any leftover baggies, I hand out to the few trick or treaters we get along with small boxes of organic fruit juice.

Because it's a potluck we get an amazing array of vegan food from soups, salads, main entrees, desserts and many keep with the Halloween spirit.

I also ask that if anyone would like to bring wine or beer, they are welcomed to do so but only if it's vegan. I ask them to check on www.barnivore.com to ensure it's vegan before bringing to the party.

This year, I've taken a cupcake decorating class and plan to make cupcakes decorated in orange and black.

Our parties usually draw between 40 and 50 people. Each year, I add one decoration to add to the house. We begin decorating a week and a half before the actual party.

Editor's Note:

What a fun idea! I love the idea of adding in the list of the best vegan candy to hand out to treat-or-treaters, and of asking guests to bring vegan wine. It makes everyone think a bit before choosing their food and beverages, and I guarantee that makes a difference somewhere inside of them. We have a similar list of vegan wine options on our site.

Thanks for sharing the details of your vegan Halloween bash!

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