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Vegan Halloween Ideas

by Robin

Well-really just wishing I had others to share Halloween with. I have ideas about what I WOULD do! Here are some of my vegan Halloween ideas:

Where kids are concerned--for Trick or Treating, I would have them only trick, not treat--and the trick would be that THEY would give out the candy! They would leave the house with a bag full of vegan candy and add pieces to householder's bowls, yelling (just) "Trick!" and they could get all offended (in a funny way) if someone tried to give them candy. I think kids would love doing this (most kids are really generous souls when there's a 'planned format' to let them be). The candies would be bought packaged and healthy but traditional (lest anyone be wary of them otherwise), and the family could do a craft project of designing little decorated labels to wrap each piece that say something like "you have been tricked into receiving a yummy vegan treat--we and the animals hope you like it :-) !"

As a reward to the kids for being so generous, they would get a surprise feast of homemade treats when they get home--and get to stay up all night watching a spooky movie or something!

For adults I think it's really sad that everything is so commercial--I would throw an old-school party, with homemade food (maybe a potluck) and all homemade decor (or fall things like collected leaves straw and greenery) and costumes (thrift and craft store add-ons too of course!). Outside would be part of it, under the moon, checking out the haunted houses, or gathering on a beach round a fire! A fireplace (or outdoor) or candle lit room session of shared ghost stories is mandatory (really old-school to do this at the witching hour in an old decrepit abandoned house rumored to be haunted). And carved pumpkins of course.

An October home decorating gathering would be cool--everyone going to a park together to gather natural things (then maybe going to one house and carving pumpkins and making decorations or pumpkin pie or something). I see Halloween as a harvest celebration. But there's also the aspect of the dead coming back, so set a place for them, make altars to the ones you want to visit, and 'dust their graves' or otherwise 'serve' them on Halloween day/night.

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