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Enjoying Vegan Holidays
with an Animal-Friendly Flair

While the spirit of most vegan holidays centers more on the gratitude that we all have for the lives we're living and the friends and family we share it with, just because we're vegan doesn't mean we want to miss out on all the food, gifts, and holiday spirit!

A few simple adjustments to most of the traditional meals will help you to enjoy each celebration without having to sacrifice your personal beliefs.

People who decide to go vegan suffer grave concerns that they'll never be able to participate in the holiday traditions they enjoyed as children, and worse, they worry that their children will feel left out.

Luckily, we're living in the information age, and with easy access to shopping options all around the world, we can turn any holiday into a delightful vegan celebration and never have to feel like we're sacrificing our way of life.

Vegan Halloween and Trick-or-Treating

There's nothing I love more than dressing up as someone other than myself and collecting gobs and gobs of candy. What could be better?

Whether you have children or just continue to act like a child, you shouldn't have to miss out on the celebration; just make it a vegan Halloween.

Check out great Halloween recipes, tips for trick-or-treating, and more!

Vegan Thanksgiving and Tofurky Roasts

The holiday that most new vegans struggle the most with is Thanksgiving. I think what's happened is that we have the lovely, bonded idea of family around a table wrapped up with the food that we traditionally eat that day.

What many vegans find is that taking away the turkey doesn't actually take away the happy moments. It's much easier than most people imagine, and many actually find that vegan Thanksgiving becomes more special when the concept of appreciation becomes more prevalent than simply a special enormous poultry.

Check out these vegan Thanksgiving recipes for ideas on how to make your own special Thanksgiving day. Some of my favorites are the smashed sweet potatoes, the apple pie, and a special "turkey" seitan recipe that you shouldn't miss!

Vegan Holidays: Christmas Cooking,
Cookies, and Gift Ideas

Some of my favorite holiday memories from childhood revolve around making Christmas cookies with my mom and siblings.

Having warm, pretty cookies to decorate is endlessly fun and perfect for special gifts. That's why I compiled all my best vegan Christmas cookie recipes and assembled them into an ebook for you.

Finding the right Christmas present for a vegan can sometimes be challenging, so check out these vegan Christmas present ideas.

If you're looking for holiday food ideas, check out our collection of holiday recipes.

Vegan Valentine's Day

While Valentine's Day is more of a Hallmark holiday than a true festivity, people in North America celebrate it with fervor, and we vegans are always looking for ways to customize ours to make it a vegan Valentine's Day.

Check out my tips for gift ideas, dinner options, and more!

Vegan Easter Faux Egg Hunting

Every year I've been a vegan, I've seen more vegan candy options, including perfect ones for a vegan Easter basket. While you'll have to forgo Peeps and Cadbury eggs, I bet someone's working on a replica as we speak, so don't fret. In the meantime, check around for all the Easter candy that's made without animal products.

If you celebrate Easter with a big family dinner, you can use a lot of the tips from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners because the meals tend to be similar.

I hope this guide to the vegan holidays has helped you to feel less anxious about the approaching celebrations, and I'd love to hear about the special way you celebrate your own vegan holidays.

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