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Vegan Nut Cheese

by Nia Garcia

I like the taste of cheese but I hate the torturing of animals and the unhealthy affects on my body in eating traditional dairy (mucousy) cheese. So what's a gal to do? Make my own!

This recipe is based on my tiny, dinky two cup food processor so if you have better equipment please improvise. I like this on toast and crackers, and it would be great with apples as well.

Nut/Seed Cheese

*Nuts/Seeds of choice - I use approx. 1 1/2 cups total of cashews and pumpkin seeds (please find appropiate soaking times for the ones you choose)

*1 to 5 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice or vegan Acidophilus

*Salt to taste

*Optional: onions, garlic, chives, pepper, dates or whatever you are in the mood for.

Because I use a dinky food processor I wind up running the ingredients though it for about 10 minutes since I like it creamy. I imagine that if I had a good one or maybe even used a blender I would not have to run it for so long. This should be kept at room temperature until it has fermented to your liking (taste it). I like to let it sit for four or five days. After that it can last refrigerated for about a week.

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Can you make nut cheese from almond milk?
by: C.L.

As a convenience factor is it possible to make nut cheese from processed (a carton of refrigerated) almond milk? For me this is more of a convenience question along with a cost issue. I'm trying to put together some healthier food choice options for some disabled friends, many have VERY limited budgets and abilities. Using processed almond milk is fudging the vegan concept, but may be a better option than dairy.

Vegan Nut Cheese
by: Anonymous

Also, use raw and unsalted nuts for this recipe.

Soaking times
by: Anonymous

Sorry-I just read this! Here is a link to a soaking times chart I found: http://www.veggiewave.com/soaking_chart

Good luck!

Nut cheese
by: susan

I am not familiar with soaking nuts/seeds. What would you recommend to start with?

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