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Vegan Nutritionista Reviews,
Comments, and Feedback

I never fail to be honored by the incredible Vegan Nutritionista reviews, and most especially, by the examples of ways in which our site has helped each individual to grow. I stand by my belief that even if I can help even one person, I have done good in the universe.

As for you, if you decide to go meat-free one day a week, or even one meal a week, you are making a difference in the world and helping to set us on a path to a more sustainable food chain, less abuse for farmed animals, less abuse of farm workers, greater quantities of food available for all humans, fewer degenerative diseases, and to a healthier planet. And to those of you who choose to change your life forever with a vegan diet, thank you so much.

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Vegan Nutritionista Reviews

Please let me acknowledge your newsletter. 607% growth in one year? OMG. That is awesome. You are healing the planet exponentially! Congratulations. Right now I am a social worker with San Diego County foster youth program (not where I want to end up), but anyway, I update their website and was adding vegan info. I read a blurb about you / your newsletter and they called you one of the most acclaimed vegan experts around. WOW! You really were a life saver for me. I had fallen off the vegan wagon (simply vegetarian, but also dairy, grease, etc) for a month and a half. All of the health issues I had when I was omnivorous came back. Blurred vision (think it is sugar issues), hair less soft, more weight, asthma worse, etc...Going back to vegan improved my health instantly and my self esteem. It is lovely to know that I am nourishing my body, while not torturing animals and helping the environment. Thanks as always for your wisdom. Have a good weekend.

~Monya, from San Diego

Your site is inspiring and addresses the very issues I am struggling with. Thanks.

~Dorit P.

I just discovered your site as my wife and I begin to transform our diet and eating habits. I was delighted at your light-hearted approach to the subject. As Granny used to say, " you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Thanks for not getting preachy and overly political. As a retired salesman, my motto always was, "A good idea (or the simple truth) always sells."


I just wanted to tell you that I, along with many others, thank you for everything you do and have provided on your website as support and guidance.

~Valerie, from Colorado

I really enjoy your newsletter and find it informative and well-written. My daughter is vegan and inspires me to be vegan sometimes. I tend to eat vegan at home and try to cook that way. So you have given me some great tips. Thank you, and I agree - vegan food is fabulous! Thanks for your inspiration!

~Melissa B., New Orleans

The best information I have found on being vegan. You have done an absolutely fantastic job of covering most of the topics and with very simple and insightful manner. Thanks for making it easy for me.

~Rajesh, Tennessee

I love reading your newsletter so much and I'm totally addicted to your website! Thanks for all the great effort you put into it all! :-)


Hello! I love your website, you have so many helpful tips.

~Karla L.

You have a terrific website - one of the best vegan sites I've seen. Your style is warm and personal, and you make excellent use of pictures.

~Judith K.

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Hi Cathleen, Thank you for the e-book about vegan weight loss. I have such a love of animals and don't feel right in my soul when consuming meat, yet I have struggled with not eating meat. On the physical side, I have been overweight my entire adult life and when I have gone through periods of not eating meat (though not vegan) I physically felt heavier, though lighter in spirit. When I do eat meat, my heart is heavy but my body feels more awake. I have obviously not found the right nutritional balance to keep my body and spirit in sync. So thank you for sharing your information and I look forward to receiving your newsletter.


I just want to thank you for all your effort and research that you have done over the years for making it easier for a relatively new vegan like myself. I just became vegan on January 1st, 2011, and I was a vegetarian since March 4th, 2010. This, by far, is the best vegan site on the net that I have come across. It has answered all my concerns and I love the recipes. Thanks again!

~Tony D., Alberta, Canada

This is the best website I have ever seen! For people looking to become vegan or tweak their existing veganism; even for inspiration on other personal quests. It's truly genius. Wonderful job! I am such a huge fan! Your website is so detailed and inclusive. Your writing style is so unique and pleasant. Thank you for your inspiration! I can't wait for your next Vegan Bytes! Updated Comments: I love your new Breakfast tab!!!! I don't get to visit as much as I used to but, this was such a great idea (typical of your site). I'd like to add that a healthy smoothie made from fibrous fruits and veggies are a great breakfast too! Updated Comments Part 2: Still reading your great newsletter and website updates. What a fantastic job! You are so inspirational! Keep it up! Updated Comments Part 3: Like they say: When you've got, you've got it! And you have certainly "Got it!" so accept it and keep it up! You are a very intelligent young lady and and it shows; from your knowledge on things and your approach to everything. You even sent a "know it all" like me back to school!!!! I respect you because you are very polished, sensitive and direct with every subject you touch on. Yes, still following your site for great reference (for me and others!) and to keep track of any updates. It's still a winner, so keep it up!

~Nia G., from NYC

Thank you so much for posting this informative website. I really like the way you've condensed the information and made it easily understandable. Thank you for your advocacy work for the animals and for promoting vegan health!

~Sherri G., Ohio

I just re-read this email - it was very considerate of you to email me back. Made me tear up a little. I'm a single mom and I don't get "pep talks" nearly as much as I need. Thank you for being so rad..... :) And thanks for putting a smile on my face. Have a great day! :)


I am so incredibly happy that I found your website! I love that you have all of Nashville's best vegetarian restaurants on here, much less searching and much more trying for my girlfriend and I. Just wanted to say thanks!

~Matt, from Kentucky

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First and foremost, thanks for keeping this site. I am returning to veganism after a long hiatus and trying to remember how to "ride the bike". People like you help. So thank you. Any tips for transitioning when I eat out? Thanks!

~LaShawnDa, from Michigan

Thank you by the way for this site, I was just telling my husband tonight being vegan is extreme, but wonderful, but I'm running out of things I can eat. This site has been a huge help!


Actually, it is more a comment than a question. I am not a vegan and do not necessarily share your opinions but I do respect them and respect your choices. They are helpful to me in other ways. My son who is almost 3 years old has food allergies. We discovered he was allergic to cow's milk and eggs before he was one. When he got retested 6 months ago, we discovered that he was also allergic to all nuts. I have a hard time giving up the foods I love for myself but I had a harder time thinking about everything my little boy would miss because of his allergies. So I have been looking at your recipes and because of people like you who have a true passion for food and enjoy cooking and making it good and tasty my toddler has been able to have delicious recipes that the whole family has been enjoying. For that I thank you. He is able to get all messy while eating a chocolate cake, I have discovered the joy of making desserts and meals from scratch for my little guy. And really seeing his big bright blue eyes through all the chocolate is the greatest reward. So thank you.

~Christine, from Ontario

Got your "Bread Box book". Thank you so much. I already made the zucchini bread and it's delicious. Nice to know I could put my trust in someone. Thanks again!

~Anna M.

Hey dear fellow vegan lady, I've been vegan since 2007 - your website is wonderful ! Thank you for all the work you did with "vegan nutritionista". I wish you much success and everything you want. Best regards and vegan hugs!

~Diana H., from Berlin, Germany

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Hi Cathleen! I have been vegan for about 12 years. I am a junk food junkie and was looking at vegan websites for some easy healthy recipes that would help broaden my horizons but are also pretty low in calories and fat. I tend to go the easy route and find 2 or 3 dishes that I really like and eat those until I am sick to death of them. I do have vegan cookbooks but many of them have more calories than I am comfortable eating. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and although being vegan I don't have to worry as much, I still have to be aware of my intake, Actually, I am writing to tell you that your website really caught my eye, I really liked your story, but mostly I really like your way of positive promotion of vegan diets. I love animals always have, I think torture to anything that can feel pain from the smallest bug to the largest mammal is inexcusable so I tend to talk about the gruesome torture and mistreatment of animals and not the positive side of it. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I really appreciate your positive approach and it is definitely something I have been trying to use lately. Keep up the good work!


Hi Cathleen, Thanks for your prompt response. I am a long vegetarian and have toyed with the idea of veganism and just happened upon your site while researching the topic. My primary goal is healthful, mindful responsible eating. I have gained a few lbs as the years have marched on so was intrigued by the 5-page meat free weight loss e-book. Your site is well rounded and informative. Thanks!

~Deborah H.

I'm vegetarian and have been thinking about going all the way, but thought it may be too hard. But then I was in a very serious car crash last July and have not been right since, although the obvious signs have healed. At a routine check-up with my doctor, she found my cholesterol and sugar levels were dangerously high and I had a fatty liver. I have always been thin, but had put on a lot of weight, which I couldn't shift and I was losing hair at an alarming rate, plus other symptoms. Refusing statins, I started a raw juice diet and spoke to my daughter-in-law, who is a registered alternative practitioner. She said I had all the symptoms of a damaged thyroid, I was doing the right thing and suggested some others. Next visit to the doctor, showed my regime was working, all the results were very much lower, I have lost most of the weight, my hair is growing again and the unknown pain in my side has virtually gone. When I told her it was diet, she was amazed. She is keeping an eye on me and is very interested in the diet. The juice diet is vegan without my realising it and I didn't find it hard, then coming across your site has made up my mind. I am still having juice twice a day, but it would be nice now, to move on to a vegan diet and have more variety. Thank you again.

~Billie K.

Wow! Fantastic job making it all easy to understand and put into action. Thanks for all you are doing to help animals and the planet. You give us hope for the future! : ) Thanks!

~Sandra Mohr

First let me start by saying what a wonderful job you are doing. I love your emails and the website. I would love to meet more people like myself and who care about living a more compassionate life. So many people know how I choose to live my life and I love talking about it if someone asks me and it's great to educate others but it's nice to also bond with the same. I'm sure a lot of people must thing I am odd and I do get poked fun at a bit at times, but I take it all in jest just to show that I am not only compassionate towards animals but also towards those who perhaps may not be as educated about what they think is right to eat :)

~Seema, from Washington

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Love the newsletter. Thank you for including yummy recipes. I made a delicious vegan gingerbread last week, for the first time. It was heavenly. As I sip my green tea with lemongrass, spearmint and a splash of organic agave nectar-I am wondering if you have any delicious vegan gingerbread muffin or vegan pumpkin muffin recipes to try? Also. Any raw cacao or carob chip cupcake recipes would be helpful. I am so grateful that there are other people out in the world who appreciate the goodness of giving up animal products-and who help make my adventure through a plant based diet so delightful and delicious. Keep growing in the vegan gardens of goodness! Namaste!

~Becca G.

Thank you @VeganNutrition, After reading your site I've officially decided to go vegan! Your site is amazing, I'm going to buy your book asap! The 'New Vegan Ebook' page really had some good info that encouraged me to want to buy your book, & the 'What Do Vegans Eat?' page was also very encouraging. Your personal stories and the personal experience aspect of site was very encouraging. It's nice to hear how other people have made their way to a vegan lifestyle. Thanks once again! I'm on day two, of hopefully a long happy vegan life! :)

~Drake S.

I am new to the site, but am so far very impressed at the wealth of information, and am glad to have found a site that promotes active, civil dialogue in a healthy, friendly environment!

~Alexandra, from Calgary

I am a bad vegan. I've really fallen off the wagon lately. For about the past six months I've been eating cheese and fish. I'm so glad I found this link to your web site. Just reading your story has already made me feel stronger to follow my true belief in eating a humane, cruelty-free diet. Really thinking about the animals is great advice. I certainly do not want to support the torturous life that befalls them. Thank you again for being a great inspiration for a great cause!

~Annette from Pittsburgh

Add your own Vegan Nutritionista reviews to the bottom of the page below.

Cathleen, Just wanted to thank you so much for answering THE one question I have been struggling with over the last several months! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me through this. Your advice will be carefully followed! Thanks again!

~Denise K., from Colorado

Thank you so much for your newsletter. You have so much information on your website, much more than others do.

~Pam M.

I eat a vegan diet and love using the recipes on this site. One problem ... I detest garlic and I don't know what to use instead! Do you think onions or leeks are a good substitute? I eat these and spring onions and shallots. Thank you! Just love the website, lots of info and plenty of good recipes!

~Val C.

Thank you for your website and all the very valuable information you give us, in a very non-judgmental way. Making someone feel guilty or bad will not make them change. I have been wavering for years but feel now it is more of a choice than "you have to do this". I love getting your newsletter. It has a lot of information which I really appreciate. Thank you.

~Marianne, from California

Your website is great! I've used it several times, especially for dining options. Thank you!!

~Cindy B. from Nashville

This is an EXCELLENT site. Thank you!!

~Coleen D., from Ohio

Add your own Vegan Nutritionista reviews to the bottom of the page below.

By the way, it's been about 10 days since I shifted to ~95% vegan, and to be honest, I feel great! I play tennis with a friend who is super-fit, and I can now handle everything he dishes out without getting out of breath. (He used to run me ragged and give me drop shots, but that doesn't work for him anymore!) What a great story you have and a super website! I have recently shifted toward a vegan diet (not 100% there yet, but about 95%, a bit of cheese slips in occasionally, and I might eat cake made with eggs and butter), and it's almost like I'm reading about myself when I read your story. I have bookmarked your site and I wish you good health and good luck in your writing business. I just finished a bowl of split pea soup (yes, vegan!) that I made a few days ago. Keep up the great work and I look forward to trying some of your recipes!

~Rob, from Sacramento, CA

Your enthusiasm in your recipes is contagious! You have me more excited to try new recipes, let alone eat tofu than ever! Thanks for your time!!!


Thanks so much for the quick response, Cathleen! Very helpful! If You decide you want someone to be a before and after vegan poster girl for your next book, just let me know. With over 100lbs. to lose, there will be a dramatic difference :) I offer this as a HUGE THANK YOU for the impressive work and diligent effort you put into your website. It's obvious you care a great deal about people. This might sound a bit unusual, but you feel like a friend to me and I really appreciate that. Have a GGRRREEEAT day ! :)

~Joanna C.

Add your own Vegan Nutritionista reviews to the bottom of the page below.

I'm a long-time vegetarian turned vegan, and I wanted to tell you that I love your site. It's full of useful recipes and advice for old-time vegans and vegans just starting out. Plus, it answers all the concerns people have about a vegan diet. Keep up the great work!

~Debra G.

I stumbled upon vegan-nutritionista.com while doing a search for restaurants I wouldn't starve in. I never expected to find a website this expansive, with a section just for Nashvillians! I'm new to vegetarianism, so it's nice to have a bit of help and encouragement, especially in the South, where people look at you funny for eating tofu instead of chicken, and many vegetarians find giving up fish, milk, and eggs to be an unnecessary sacrifice. I feel like I'm more prepared and a little closer to achieving full vegan status! Thanks Cathleen!!!

~Amber J., from Nashville

I have been reading your newsletter for several months. Clearly you are very passionate about your vegan lifestyle choices and it shines through every month in this publication. While I am not a vegan, I appreciate your passion...keep up the good work.

~Greg W., from Ohio

Great website! Very helpful. Thank you.

~Hellen S., from England

I recently purchased your e-book. First, I just want you to know how THANKFUL I am that you have put this together. I cannot eat bovine dairy or red meat and I could not find any other meal plans out there that worked! I LOVE your mission/business and want you to succeed!!

~Krista, from Michigan

Add your own Vegan Nutritionista reviews to the bottom of the page below.

Hi, I just love your site, thanks so much for the wonderful recipes and I signed up for your newsletter as well.


Fledgling vegan here. Just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your books and food insights. You're part of my library and I love your recipes. My sincerest thanks.

~Matt from California

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