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Vegan Products in Madrid, Spain

by Martin

I am new to being vegetarian and have started to purchase a few of the vegan foods and cosmetics e.g. Vegan biscuits, the small bars of soaps and the toothpaste and am eating more of the granary bread along with the fruit.

However, having a problem with finding vegan stores in Madrid, Spain which is where I am living at the moment. I also find it a little bit expensive. hence I am starting with small quantities of things. Do you know of any good shops, places in Madrid that you can recommend or advise when buying things cheap on a budget?

I am starting to make the sandwiches, but would like to know where and what I could buy as a cheap alternative to this since I would normally eat a couple of sandwiches or big mac with crisps and coke. They seem to charge very high prices for things like coca cola or chocolate. The peanuts and fruit and veg is no problem. But the buying of things like Tempeh and Tofu seem very expensive.

Please could you advise. No longer where the wool or leather belts or things of that nature and try not to purchase these by mistake. Good recommendations too for deodorants - I prefer to go to a shop and will buy the products - but need advise on the buying of things more cheaply.

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Vegan Shop!
by: Blueberries

There is a vegan shop in Madrid called Planeta Vegano that looks really good. Here's the link to it on Happy Cow- http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=19970.

Madrid Vegan
by: Nia


I have lived my entire life in New York and have been vegan for 15 years. I have found many ways to be vegan and save money in NYC. This past August I stayed in Spain (in Marbella near Malaga). I was informed by someone there that there was a Chinese/Japanese market on one of the main streets. Madrid is more of a major city so, you should not have too much difficulty finding a store like this there near you. From my experience in New York and now Berlin, Asian (as in far east Asia) stores sell things like Tofu, Tempeh, Soy Milk for very low prices. (By the way, Coconut milk is also a delicious alternative to dairy milk) When I was in Spain it seemed very difficult to order vegan food in restaurants, but I found soya yogurt, soya cheese, vegan meat substitutes and many other items like this in a large supermarket in El Corte Ingles. When I am places where there is not enough vegan options around, I make sure that I prepare a meal to take with me before I leave the house. If you want to save money you can make your own vegan food staples. I shop in places where they sell bulk/in gross items like nuts, beans, grains, etc. I make my own vegan milk by soaking raw, unsalted Cashew nuts in water for two hours and then putting them in a blender to blend with two to three times the amount of water. I also purchase Vital Wheat Gluten to prepare my own burgers, roasts, steaks, sandwich slices, etc. This website has some recipes also. Good luck to you.

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