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My Top Ten Favorite Vegan Recipes

I've found that my omnivorous friends are curious about what exactly I eat, and some are even interested in trying a plant-based diet out for a few meals. They have long asked me for a list of my most favorite vegan recipes, and I always struggled to come up with a list.

The fact is, I love to eat and rarely cook the same things all the time. But, I realized that I could put together a list of meals that I think are either easy to make, easy to modify, come up in variations often in my kitchen, or that I flat out make all the time.

Here Goes on My Favorites List...

1. Whole Grains, Beans, and Greens

We love whole grains like quinoa, barley, and farro, with a seasoned bean like lentils, white beans, spicy pinto beans, and then with either raw or garlic-and-olive oil sauteed greens like kale, bok choy, chard, or collard greens. Because there are so many different kinds of grains, greens, and beans, this is a common meal with us, but it could be different every time. We also do this type of meal with roasted vegetables during the winter a lot.

My favorite way to prepare raw greens is in a garlicky kale mixture like in my Vegan Meal Plans for Spring/Summer eBook

2. A Soup and Salad Combination

I have a few awesome soup recipes and we'll either eat them alone or pair them with a salad or another vegetable, and sometimes with good whole grain bread.

3. Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

You could really do any combination of vegetables that you have at home, and you could also add fake meat crumbles to give it more of the texture of meat lasagna. I love making a spinach and mushroom lasagna like this one.


4. Barley Casserole

We make the barley casserole from Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet pretty often, especially in the winter. I adapted it a little bit to take out an extra step. We LOVE this dish, and I'll add pretty much any vegetables we have and usually some white beans or chickpeas too.

5. Breakfast for Dinner

We sometimes do whole grain pancakes or waffles, make tempeh bacon, and do a smoothie for dessert.

6. Faux Tuna Sandwiches & Chickenless Salad Sandwiches

Perfect for lunches or a quick dinner, and you can definitely make it ahead.

That wraps up my favorite vegan recipes that are simple, reusable, and changeable for absolutely anyone-- veteran or newbie, experienced cook or one who prefers to eat at restaurants.

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