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Vegan to Prevent Animal Cruelty

by Paula
(Sonoma, CA)

I'm vegan to prevent animal cruelty.

I was feeling unhealthy and yet "too busy" to think about the food I was eating. I started reading and watching documentaries on the subject of animal cruelty and the way our food is processed, signing petitions online, and becoming more angry at the world. I was depressed and yet addicted to getting more informed.

It came like a glow of hope that I needed a major change! I realized that I could not change the world but in that moment I could change my life and my impact on the earth and its creatures. I have now been vegan for 4 months and I look and feel so much better! I have no desire to return to eating animals. I am now inspired by a whole new way of eating real food!

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Chicken wing was the same size as my brother's arm
by: Stephanie

When I was 12 years old, I watched a special on chicken on 20/20. It was an exposé on how unsanitary the conditions were, but really what I took out of it was the insane cruelty towards the animals. That same night, my parents made chicken. I held up my chicken wing and it was the exact same size as my baby brother's arm, who was 2 years old at the time.

Every time I tried to take a bite I couldn't stop picturing in my head that it was his arm, not the chicken wing. Plus I didn't want him to grow up in a world with such rampant cruelty. Finally I burst into tears and told them I couldn't eat it- not now, not ever. Because I was so young I think my parents thought it was a phase, but 15 years later I stayed true to my word, never touching a piece of meat since that day. Now I'm a hardcore vegan and happier than ever!

I heard pigs being slaughtered
by: Irene

As a young girl for my Christmas vacations I would go to visit my grandma. In the farm they raise pigs which they raise and kill at that time of the year for the feasts. What an impact that did for me as a little girl to a woman. I still remember there cry I would crouch in a corner and cover my ears. I still remember the noise and I'm 54 years old. The are enough things nature gave us and that are so delicious for us to have to kill to satisfied our selves.

Why I'm Vegan
by: Jessica Simpson

Because people kill animals every day when we have other foods to eat!!!!!!!!

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