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Vegan To Curb Diabetes

by Jacob
(Fontana, CA)

My cousin is vegan and I feel bad about the things that happen to animals at the slaughter houses. I feel that God shouldn't have to see his people eating the very creatures he did not intend for us to eat. So I have to do something about it.

I am a diabetic and am still willing to change to vegan. There are plenty of other good tasting foods for vegans to eat. I attempt to stay vegan even though I was raised a big meat eater and will face the temptation of eating meat. Diabetes runs in our family and I am tired of thinking of an animal being slaughtered while I eat a hamburger.

Similar Reason for Going Vegan from Mary Ellen, CT

I went vegan to curb diabetes and improve my overall health. I saw Oprah's show with Kathy Freston presenting her new book entitled Veganist. I was so impressed with the show and the 1 week Vegan Challenge Oprah was having volunteers from her staff do...

I ordered the book and as soon as got it I went vegan.
First thing I noticed was incredible energy I never thought I would have.

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There's Great Book On The Topic Too
by: Anonymous

There's a great book about veganism and Diabetes you can buy too. http://www.nealbarnard.org/diabetes_book.htm

Diabetes and a Vegan/Raw diet
by: Jessica

great idea! vegan diets (more specifically RAW vegan diets) are known to actually reverse and cure diabetes!

Check out this video

and good luck! :)

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Vegan to Prevent Diabetes

by Kraig Dodge
(Newaygo, MI, USA)

I went vegan on Dec. 1, 2010. I have lost 16 lbs and my cholesterol is down 30 points. And that is just the beginning -- after only 3 months. I can't wait to see what changes in a year!

I went vegan for health purposes. I am 45 years old. My dad died last August from multiple complications of diabetes. You name it, he had it; heart disease, kidney disease (dialysis), eyesight loss, peripheral neuropathy and had his right leg amputated....he was a diabetes-induced train wreck! My dad was diagnosed diabetic at age 46. Do the math...I figure I don't have much time. And my diet was anything but good.

My older sister was also just diagnosed diabetic and immediately began eating vegan with great results. So I followed her lead and did some reading. I read The China Study, I read Dr. Esselstyn, and I read Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes -- which has one of the best physiologic discussions of how vegan low-fat eating works to reduce insulin resistance and clear fat out of cells. After reading those books, and reading many vegan web sites, I was convinced! Vegan for me, all the way!

I love it. I feel great. For me - never a real big fan of meat anyway - I don't miss meat one bit. After reading many vegan sites and blogs, I have learned a lot about the meat industry and its awful practices, so I don't think I can ever put a piece of meat in my mouth again. I eat the best I have ever eaten in my life - the BEST in terms of quality and health, and the BEST in terms of simply GREAT food that I don't feel guilty about eating. I am trying all kinds of new things and loving it. I will never go back. Eating vegan gives me the BEST chance of avoiding diabetes or minimizing its affects. Diabetes will NOT get the best of me like it did my father. Your web site is one of the ones I have relied on to learn to eat vegan. Thanks so much!

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Vegan to reverse diabetes
by: Anonymous

I wanted to cry when I read about your dad! What a shame and a waste! I'm so glad that diabetes can be conquered with something as simple as a vegan diet. Just the other day I received a link to a trailer for a documentary:Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days It covers a group of diabetics from all walks of life who defeated their diabetes through a month long getaway to a Raw Foods ranch. The trailer alone is a tear jerker (and I don't have diabetes nor do I know anyone else that does). Powerful!

Avoiding Diabetes
by: Anonymous

Commenting on what someone said about her dad's diabetes, my mom has diabetes. And she also has everything else, high blood pressure, dialysis, etc. I became vegetarian at 23 and about a year ago went vegan. I'm 44 this year.

Anyway, about every adult in my family has high blood pressure, on both sides of my family. I have avoided it. Every time I get my BP checked, my systolic is always about 3 points away from being high. The diastolic is always well within normal. I am positive that if I was not vegetarian or vegan, I would have established HBP pressure. It's like I'm keeping it at bay. I am also thinking about incorporating meditation in my life. That will probably help too. Maybe I can get the diastolic way down.

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I Made a Choice to Go Vegetarian

by Carl
(Rochester, NY USA)

I made a choice to go vegetarian because I have suffered from type 2 diabetes for nearly 15 years now that has had some other serious side effects with my life. Giving up soda and sweets didn't help the issue. I have also been learning a lot about GMOs and GE foods and the crap in city tap water.

I have made a choice that I am going to change my food intake to completely organic foods and buy a Berkey water filter along with changing to a vegetarian lifestyle and start growing my own food so I can completely conquer my diabetes without medication and live a better life. I have been on this journey for a month now I love it, but I am still new and learning how and what to eat.

Editor's Note:

Congratulations on deciding to switch to a vegetarian diet and focusing more on natural, organic foods. There has been such a destruction in our food system across the United States and we need more people like you to take a stand and vote with their dollars. When enough of us stop eating GMOs, soda, and sweets, eventually overall demand will go down and we can make a real difference.

I’m glad to hear the first month has gone well and I wish you good luck along the way.

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