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Simple Ways to Show You Care on 
Vegan Valentines Day

Struggling for ideas for a vegan Valentines day?

Stop worrying.

Most of the things you would buy for a "regular" valentine will work for a vegan as well, you'll just have to put a little more thought into where you buy it.

When you're looking at any lotion, perfume, makeup, or body care product, check for the vegan tag at the bottom of the package. If it's cruelty-free, it will definitely tell you so.

Food items work the same way, and if you're skilled at looking at ingredient lists, you can usually figure out whether something qualifies or not.

And most importantly, remember that you don't need to spend money to let someone know you care, so just come up with the most creative way to appreciate the people you love and you'll be covered.

I put together a list of several different options for vegan Valentines day gift ideas and ways to celebrate. Enjoy!

Vegan Chocolate for Valentine's Day

There are tons of amazing vegan chocolates, and many come in cute little chocolate boxes, sometimes even shaped like hearts. You can find assortments with caramels, rice crisps, nougat, peanuts, raspberry filling, mint, and just about any other flavor you love to combine with chocolate.

Here are a few of my favorites vegan chocolate boxes:

Candy for Non-Chocolate Lovers

When you're buying candy, keep in mind that sometimes ingredient lists vary in different locations. For instance, I've seen some SweetTart Hearts made with egg albumen, but others are just the regular sugar and food coloring. So, always check the ingredients list before buying.

Here are a few candy present ideas:

  • Box up some precious bright red Swedish fish with a bow
  • Order a basket of yummy cookies from Sun Flour Cookies
  • Send a bouquet of Blow Pops and Jolly Rancher pops
  • Pick out your honey's favorite Sweettart hearts and put them in a pretty box
  • Check out the list of other vegan candies and put together a basket of your Valentine's favorites.

Flowers for Valentine's Day

If you're more of a flower giver on Valentine's Day, your sweetheart probably has no ethical beliefs that would prohibit any particular flower. Some vegans might not like cut flowers, so you could get a cute potted plant with pretty flowers, a small fruit tree, or even a fruit bouquet.

Candles Are Easily-Veganized
Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Candles make an awesome present, but there are a few precautions to take before buying a vegan a candle. Many normal candles contain beeswax or stearic acid that comes from rendering animal parts. The great news is that there are tons of soy candles available at most stores, and almost all should be animal-free. You can also buy organic soy candles from Vegan Essentials or another online retailer to be certain they're vegan.

Here are a few of my favorite vegan candles:

Want to Stimulate the Pheromones?
Try Colognes and Perfumes

People often wonder if perfume is vegan, and unfortunately, in a lot of cases it is not. Musk is a secretion from an animal's glands, and of course they have to abuse/kill the animal to get to their glands, caprylic acid comes from milk, there are fixatives such as ambergris that come from whale intestines, and sterols from euthanized pets, cows, and sheep in normal perfumes and colognes. Those animal ingredients are used to stabilize, texturize, and scent the colognes.

You can, however, find vegan perfume and vegan cologne by doing a quick search online, or using a noted vegan online retailer. You could also get a set of scented lotions as a vegan Valentine's day gift. Here are a few vegan perfumes I like:

Pump up the Intimacy Level

A lot of the intimacy products on the market are not vegan. Condoms are often made with casein, the protein in milk, and are usually tested on animals. There are a few brands that are cruelty-free, such as Glyde and Condomi. Just like with regular lotions, lubricants and other intimacy products are often not vegan either. Here are a few of my favorite "intimacy products," that could make for fun vegan Valentines Day gifts:

Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes

You Don't Have to Spend Money
to Enjoy Vegan Valentines Day

If you want to be eco-friendly, think along the lines of a local, sustainable potted plant, fruits, and flowers. There are greeting cards made from recycled paper, but you could always make your own out of some old construction paper and doilies. And, you'll want to stay away from balloons, which simply use up plastic and sit forever in the garbage dump when you're done with them.

One of my favorite things to do for a perfect vegan Valentines Day is to take the time to cook a nice meal together, maybe cracking a bottle of wine to accompany the cooking and eating. You can go cheesy with a hearts of romaine salad, artichoke heart appetizer, an entree with a red sauce, and a heart-shaped cake. I found a heart shaped cake pans, and heart cookie cutters or pancake rings on Amazon. They even have tiny heart shaped bowls you could use for soup.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating vegan Valentines Day:

  • Make a candle-lit dinner for your valentine
  • Plan a picnic in the park with a bottle of wine and reusable plastic wine glasses
  • Go to the planetarium
  • Have dinner on the beach
  • Design your own valentine's day card
  • Pick out your valentine's favorite colors of candy out of the bag and package them in a cute bowl
  • Make a photo album of your best moments together

Happy Vegan Valentines Day!

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