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Veganism for the Allergic-to-Everything

by Sam
(New York)

I'm a little frustrated here. My girlfriend wants to be vegan, and I'm all for it. But she has a serious immune system disorder that results in allergies. I keep looking on all sorts of vegan sites, but all of them have multiple recipes filled with things she's allergic to. Can you recommend foods for a diverse diet based off of her allergies? I don't want the same old advice of rice and beans and nothing else.

My girlfriend is:

- kinda lactose-intolerant, not cheese or yogurt (this is easy to avoid, duh, veganism)
- allergic to fish and shellfish (once again, duh)
- has celiac disease
- allergic to oats
- allergic to ALL raw fruit
- allergic to natural fruit juices (must be concentrate)
- allergic to potatoes
- allergic to ALL vegetables except COOKED TO MUSH broccoli, carrots, onions, and celery.(save for beans, more on that later)
- HIGHLY allergic to soy
-allergic to quinoa
- allergic to ALL tree nuts
- allergic to peanuts, but not other beans and legumes, must be cooked though
- allergic to hemp
- allergic to flax
- NOT allergic to rice
- Not allergic to corn flour, allergic to corn
- allergic to tapioca
- allergic to buckwheat
- allergic to mushrooms
- mildly allergic to certain derivatives of these foods

I know this is a lot, and please don't say "get checked by a doctor blah blah blah". She is actually seeing an allergist regularly, but he doesn't see much hope for change in these allergies. For now, this is what it is. Right now she survives off of lots of junk food and animal products. Help me figure out what she could possibly live off of besides rice!

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going vegan without soy and beans
by: Chelsie

I have some health issues, and one of them is Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD). I have been gluten, soy, and dairy free for more than a year now, and I decided to cut meat out a few weeks ago to see if it would reduce my symptoms. It did! I feel so much better. I am less reactive, and I am having fewer instances of flushing and pain. My challenge is that I can't have soy, gluten, or beans without getting really sick. I'm also reactive to and have to strictly avoid walnuts, pecans, peppers, and most vegetables in the brassica family. I eat tons of vegetables and fruits every day, and I am able to eat pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, teff, and chia seeds. I hit the RDA for protein most days, but I am wondering if I am getting sufficient amounts of amino acids and/or if there is something else I can/should be eating or supplementing with. I've read about how lysine is an important amino acid, but without being able to eat soy and beans, am I still going to be able to get enough of that?

I also have celiac
by: Katrina

Question, for those of us who would love to go vegan or vegetarian but we are Celiac and have other food allergies. Sensitivities such as not being able to tolerate (Soy, Gluten, Grains, Corn, Legumes/Beans, Dairy) How on earth would a person be able to get the proper amount of protein in this situation?

I personally have gone over this dilemma with my Naturopathic Dr. and was told that going Vegan/Vegetarian would not be healthy because of my limited foods. I love animals, I wish with all my heart I did not have to eat meat. The way they are treated is terrible and breaks my heart. Is there a solution to this dilemma? Thank you for your time.

I have so many food allergies too
by: Nicole

I would like to eat a vegan diet but I have so many food allergies. I'm allergic to wheat, soy, corn, nuts, shellfish and yeast. How can I form a vegan meal plan with so many allergies?

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