The 2011 VegNews Scandal with
Non-Vegan Photography

In response to the VegNews scandal of publising non-vegan stock photography for vegan recipes, Vegan Nutritionista offers an alternative VegNews apology letter that we feel would make VegNews readers feel more comfortable with the magazine.

I've always been a fan of VegNews magazine, and I had mixed feelings about the "VegNews Scandal" in 2011. On the one hand, I can see how they could feel pressure to get each issue out on time and with beautiful pictures, but on the other hand, I don't think a vegan magazine should ever support non-vegan ventures.

Here's my proposed letter:

Dear VegNews Readers,

In light of the overwhelming response to our stock photography and to our corresponding press release, we have taken some time to reconsider the situation.

When VegNews first began operating, we were on a very small budget and there vegan bloggers were non-existent. We felt forced into using non-vegan stock photography to represent the vegan recipes we presented in our magazine. We hated to do this as we felt it was misrepresentation, but we felt we had few other options.

Over the years, our vegan world has been graced with countless vegan bloggers, website owners, and cookbook writers who produce beautiful pictures of vegan recipes, and on occasion we have commissioned a few of them to produce recipes and photos for the magazine. However, over those years, we never stopped to reconsider our old stock photo policy.

Your overwhelming concern has helped us to realize this was wrong, and has given us reason to reconsider our policies. Going forward, we will be seriously considering your suggestions as to alternatives to non-vegan stock photography.

In fact, not only will we be reviewing our photography policy, but over the coming months we will review all of our policies to ensure that we truly live up to our own standard.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention, for the service you do in the name of animals and humans, and we sincerely hope you accept our apologies.

Thank you, VegNews

Update to VegNews Scandal, April 18, 2011:

VegNews did issue a new apology that was more sincere than their first, and I think the vegan community is happy with the magazine's new promises.

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