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Vitamix Reviews All Say,
"My Favorite Blender of All Time"

I wrote this Vitamix review because I completely adore my blender. I am an affiliate for Vitamix, which means that if you decide to buy a blender after reading this review or seeing recipes I wrote that use it, I get a commission. I have strategically picked the companies with which I am affiliated so that I only recommend companies and products that I absolutely love; ones I use almost every single day and that I recommend to my closest friends. 

My Vitamix Review

I got my first Vitamix in 2006 and have used it nearly every single day since then. That's quite a statement, right? It's truly a critical part of my household and would be a necessity if I ever joined the tiny house movement.

The first night I got it I made three different things:

  • Lemon sorbet-- yup, right in the mixer, in about 2 minutes. It was sweet and tart and perfectly creamy. I followed the recipe I got in my Vitamix recipes kit.
  • A whole fruit and veggie juice with a beet, a carrot, and an apple... in about 20 seconds. I could taste every vegetable and fruit, and it was as smooth as drinking from a jar. The key is to use a cup of ice so your juice is nice and cold.
  • A second fruit juice with an orange, a banana, and a few strawberries... in another 20 seconds. Just as good, but sweeter.

Since that first night of extra-indulgence, we've continued using it an average of 4 times a week. We've also taken advantage of the amazing guarantee 2-3 times and had things fixed quickly.

The Top 4 Best Things About Vitamix

1. The Vitamix destroys ice. We always laugh about how the ice is completely toast in the machine. You can turn it into ice water within a few seconds if you want, or you can make slushie type drinks by going a little lighter on the speed. The Vitamix destroys ice like nothing you've ever seen, and that's a fundamental difference between a high quality blender and a cheaper one. Learn why it's so powerful from Vitamix's website.

2. Vitamix is so fast. I can remember using a cheap blender as a kid and it took so long to get to even smoothie consistency, and you'd never really make it to a smooth texture like for a juice. 

3. The control mechanisms are simple. There are three buttons and all you do is turn it on, swivel the speed from low to high blending speed and then kick it into high gear with the last switch. There aren't different buttons for different types of food.

4. Vitamix has a good guarantee. The machines carry a 7-year warranty that covers defects in workmanship and material, as well as normal wear and tear. Of course, that can seem subjective, but I've never had an issue when calling and asking for help with something that's not working well. 

Do We Seriously Use it Almost Daily?

Um, yes. We make a lot of smoothies, in a rainbow of colors. I prefer using a blender over a juicer because I don't like the idea of losing the fiber into the side of a juicer.

We also make a delicious banana ice cream really often. The recipe has one ingredient: frozen bananas. That's it! You toss them in the Vitamix, use the tamper to push them onto the blades, and blend until it's smooth. You can add toppings or eat it plain. My sister likes chunks of peanut butter folded in. I like delta cookies and fruit on top.

We make actual food items as well, as you can see from this page on Vitamix recipes. I have a killer roasted garlic hummus that I make probably once a week in my Vitamix 5200.

I make almond butter, peanut butter, almond milk, and rice milk in my Vitamix.

There are several dressings that I love that I make in my blender, including raw cashew ranch dressing and strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.

You can make soup in a Vitamix by just throwing in whatever vegetables you have on hand and letting it whirl until the soup is warm.

There are different containers for turning whole grains into flours, and I definitely take advantage of this capacity as well.

Cleaning is a cinch too. All you need to do is rinse and let it air-dry. You can even put a few drops of dish washing liquid into it with some water and turn it on to make its own dishwasher for a deeper cleaning.

Which Model Vitamix Should I Get?

Vitamix has a variety of different styles of blenders for your varied needs.

There are smaller sized options for when you're just starting out, like the Explorian (also available certified reconditioned) or the Personal Blenders. These would make really awesome college going away gifts or wedding gifts for a young couple. 

If you want a version that's great for people using the blenders daily, Vitamix now makes the Ascent, which has specific settings for what you're blending and a touch screen panel. They even have a blending cup, which was the stuff of my dreams when I first was gifted this machine. You can now make one personal smoothie to carry with you instead of having to make it in the big machine and transfer to a different cup to take out of the house.

It's Not Cheap, But It's Worth It!

I will never need to buy a food processor, blender, ice cream maker, or juicer. It's one of those products where if you buy it once, you never need to spend money on it again. It's well worth the investment. We LOVE it!!!

I'd love to hear your Vitamix reviews as well, just comment below. If you want to learn more about the blender, click through here to read more.

If you just can't see yourself spending $400 on a blender, I recommend looking into a reconditioned Vitamix. The company takes used machines and fixes them up so they run like new, and you save a bunch of money. It's also protected with the same guarantee as a new Vitamix. The first Vitamix we got was reconditioned and we had no problems with it.

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