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Wayward Vegan Cafe: Fulfilling Your Breakfast Fantasies
One Omelet At a Time

My brother-in-law, who eats vegan at home and most of the rest of the time, said once that what he wanted for his birthday was a nice big filling vegan breakfast. He didn't know about it at the time, but he was dreaming about Wayward Vegan Cafe.

When you're a vegan who lives in an under-served vegan area, you can look at a menu like Wayward's and get totally overwhelmed. You might even ask the waiter to clarify that everything is truly vegan. For instance, is there a way in the world that a dish labeled "country fried steak" is made with no animals?

Literally any breakfast dish you can imagine is on the menu at Wayward. If there's a chance you still crave something from your non-vegan days, getting a meal here is a way to satisfy that hunger.

For instance, when we sat down and looked at the menu, my husband told me for the first time that he used to love McMuffins. That blew my mind. We dated for about five years before he stopped eating meat, but I can't remember ever seeing him eat a McMuffin, let alone more than perhaps 3 fast food meals ever.

He doesn't miss that junk food, but the idea of trying the McWayward, a round egg shape of tofu covered in American "cheese" and grilled ham on a whole wheat English muffin was irresistable to him. And, he loved the breakfast. It came with hashbrowns that I adored.

wayward vegan cafe

I've made a few vegan omelets from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's genius recipe in Vegan Brunch, but I wanted to try Wayward's version. I chose the Sunshine omelet, which was huge and packed with avocado, tempeh, onion, tomatoes, cheese, and drizzled in homemade ranch dressing. The omelets come served with really yummy homefries that are lightly seasoned and cooked with a perfect amount of crunch. The Sunshine was a huge winner.

Wayward Vegan Cafe has more than a dozen different tofu scramble style dishes with many combinations of fake meats, potatoes, and wraps. They also do the standard pancakes, French toast, and waffles.

The second time we visited on our three-day trip I had a Belgian whole-wheat waffle with warm berry compote and cashew whip cream. It was outrageously good. You had to work through the dish quickly because the compote saturated the middle of the waffle pretty quickly and I like a little crunch to my waffle.

My husband went with The Lumberjack, which had scrambled tofu, hashbrowns, tempeh bacon, a sausage patty, and a piece of fake ham they called sham. It's served with three smallish pancakes. He loved the sham, and a new revelation he gave to me was that he used to love ham. He'd never eat another pig a minute in his life, but he does love the vegan version.

On the weekends Wayward serves freshly baked cinnamon buns that are outstanding. I loved how soft and moist the bread part was and I felt like it had a perfect amount of cinnamon. They also serve tons of other diner foods throughout the day, but we never had a chance to try anything but breakfast.

The only drawback to Wayward Vegan Cafe is that after we left we couldn't find a spot in our stomachs for lunch, which cut out one chance to try another of Seattle's abundant selection of vegan restaurants. 

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