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What To Eat For Vegan School Lunches

by Anonymous


I'm 13 and recently became vegan:) But the only problem is my school lunches! Once in a blue moon they'll serve salads and I'll eat, but otherwise I will go throughout the WHOLE Day without eating and I get really hungry! I try to chew gum to take away the hunger but it dosn't seem to work! What should I do?!?!?! HELP

Congratulations on becoming vegan... but I do have to warn you to be careful. You should definitely, definitely not stop eating food at lunchtime simply because the school lunches are inadequate. That's really dangerous for your health and can cause your body a lot of serious issues.

I understand that it can be difficult to find food in the vast wasteland of the school cafeteria, so my best suggestion is to start packing some lunches. It can actually be really easy and quick to make lunches. If you're in a worst case scenario, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will do just fine. Throw in an apple, a bag of crunchy rice chips/any chips you like, and you have a pretty decent lunch that will keep you fuller than gum:)

If you are up for getting creative, you can cut up some vegetable slices and pack a small container of hummus for dipping. Or, throw hummus on some bread and stuff it with spinach or lettuce, and that makes a nice sandwich.

You could also check out Jennifer McMann's amazing Vegan Lunch Box, which is chock full of creative, nutritious vegan lunch ideas. It would help to get some of your family on board with eating healthier lunches so that you could all work together to prepare your lunches.

I hope that helps! And please do eat all three full meals. Not only are you doing the right thing for your body, but you are now representing the vegan community as a whole. You have a chance to show people that vegans are healthy, happy, and we never go hungry!!

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what to eat for breakfast that doesn't have carbs
by: Kate

I've found that I function much better during the day if I have protein for breakfast and don't eat any carbs at all before lunch.

I'd like to eat vegan, but at am a loss to know how to manage breakfast. I can't digest beans, so they're not a possibility for protein.

Please help!

eating enough as a teenage vegan
by: Bella

I've been vegan all summer, but now there is school and i have a really hard time eating enough. There are a lot of days where I'm just never hungry and don't feel like eating anything. I also Take ADD medication which makes it even worse, sometimes i can forget to eat for like a day and a half. But it doesn't effect my energy or anything. I Lots of times will eat like a banana for breakfast, and then I'm super full! Then at lunch I'lll have like some carrots and apple or a granola bar. I take Prenatal vitamins and an iron pill in the morning.

But i just don't know if I'm eating enough. because for dinner I like to eat salads with like some beans or lentils. But I know I'm definitely not eating calories, and am worried about getting enough protein and other vitamins that you usually get from meats and dairy.

Basically i like to put my lunch in a plastic zip lock bag, and eat it while I'm in classes, or in the library. Is there anything that i can drink throughout the day to get all my nutrients? another question is how many calories do you think vegans should eat during the day.? and what is a quick thing you can eat in the morning? What is a food i can get my protein from?

Help convincing parents?
by: Katie

Okay so I need help. I'm a teen girl who is a runner and I'm slightly underweight but not unhealthy. I have wanted to become a vegetarian for years, for various reasons including the fact that I really don't enjoy meat. Ive been reading about veganism and would like to do that too, especially because I'm lactose intolerant and it wouldn't be too big of a jump. However, my parents are very against it. My dad is a doctor and I know they're just concerned about me and my weight and getting enough nutrients esp protein. But how do I convince them it's healthy? I've done research, it's obviously doable. Help!

by: tyra

i am trying to become a vegan too i started sunday the 19th of 2012 im doing my best but my whole family eat meat. what shoul i do?

I am trying to become vegan too
by: Miranda

I want to become a vegan for reasons mostly involving the fact I love all living breathing things and this is my way of fighting for them. My parents think that it is unhealthy though because I'm 13 so I'm still growing. My mom started to make me worried about that , too. Lukily your miracle of a website came just in time and now I feel better and more ready than ever to make this drastic change.


P.S. I need good cookie/cake reasepies that are easy to do.

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