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Why Shouldn't I Be Vegan?

(S. Connolly)

Many omnivores (though they ignorantly decide to call themselves carnivores) have for some reason or another decided to believe that all a vegan can eat is salads. That is like saying all an omivore or carnivore can eat is boiled chicken. The truth is, a vegan can eat whatever they want! You may be thinking, no you can't because you can't eat meat. Here's the thing, I have never met a vegan that has WANTED to eat meat, so it is true that we can eat whatever we want, and believe me, that is a huge variety of foods.

Personally, I love a challenge and enjoy finding new and creative foods to eat. It's not all carrots and celery for me. One of my favorite things to eat is the home made vegan 'ice cream' I figured out a while ago. I also love most any vegetable, fruit, bean, nut, legume, and not to mention tofu, pasta, tortilla chips with dip, vegan enchiladas, etc. The list is endless, and I have developed quite a pallette for healthy, nutritious, non-meat foods.

I also lift weights, run, swim, bike, hike, and play lacrosse and have yet to experience any mineral/vitamin deficiencies that have inhibited me from participating in these activities. It just goes to show that there really is no excuse for not choosing a healthier, vegan, animal-friendly lifestyle.

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